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The Miracle Kids

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The wait (for us) is finally over.
We said we'd release it last summer, then it was christmas, then it was new years - it's taken SO long to organise (and finish), but here it is…

We're self-releasing our debut full-length album 'The Miracle Kids'.

It'll be out on Saturday the 19th of April and we're playing a release show at the Leeds Cockpit on the same night - tickets £5.00, available in the coming days. We're gonna play the album in full, plus maybe some older stuff- who knows what'll happen. It's gonna be fun though, this much is fact. 

The first single - 'The 45_slow' will be released later tonight.

The album's a full length, but it's only gonna be a fiver a piece - digital or physical.

 Right, here's the tracklist:


1. Spark
2. Music For The Dark (Misery)
3. A Waste Of Dreaming
4. The Miracle Kids
5. Afterglow
6. KissKissKiss
7. breathe?
8. Teenage Fantasy
9. Very Much Alive
10. The Poison Race
11. The 45_slow

Thanks for all the help along the way with this, you know who you are y'brilliant people.

Album artwork by Callum Taylor.

nv<3 xox