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it's that time of the year...

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in a few weeks time, everyone will be reclining. leaning back into family sofas, old and DFS delivered-by-christmas leather and fabric bound, feather-filled symbols of relaxation. this will be to watch a film that's only on at this time of year, or a night of special-telly for charity, feeling absolutely no sense of worry about anything other than getting the malteser ones out of the tub of tiny chocolate bars in front of them. christmas time is ace, and it's excitedly anticipated more than any other time of the year. it's a time of rest and love, a time of losing focus over work and all it's formalities, and in turn spending time on oneself, and that's what everybody looks forward to.

we, however, are going to be working away like little elves (eyyyy) on something new and something, we think, very special. come 2015, Nine Volt Heart will be back and noisier than ever. 

to tide you over, we have a few little videos of a live lounge sesh we did last week that will be up in the next few days.

we're not going anywhere
nvh x

The Miracle Kids

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The wait (for us) is finally over.
We said we'd release it last summer, then it was christmas, then it was new years - it's taken SO long to organise (and finish), but here it is…

We're self-releasing our debut full-length album 'The Miracle Kids'.

It'll be out on Saturday the 19th of April and we're playing a release show at the Leeds Cockpit on the same night - tickets £5.00, available in the coming days. We're gonna play the album in full, plus maybe some older stuff- who knows what'll happen. It's gonna be fun though, this much is fact. 

The first single - 'The 45_slow' will be released later tonight.

The album's a full length, but it's only gonna be a fiver a piece - digital or physical.

 Right, here's the tracklist:


1. Spark
2. Music For The Dark (Misery)
3. A Waste Of Dreaming
4. The Miracle Kids
5. Afterglow
6. KissKissKiss
7. breathe?
8. Teenage Fantasy
9. Very Much Alive
10. The Poison Race
11. The 45_slow

Thanks for all the help along the way with this, you know who you are y'brilliant people.

Album artwork by Callum Taylor.

nv<3 xox

a new leaf...

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Photo by Peter Kopek

so hey, welcome to our site!

we're Nine Volt Heart and we like music, movies, good clothes, fast cars, whiskey, and you. 

having operated from facebook and bandcamp for a while, we figured it was time to make that big switch/step up. (plus the domain name '' was totally not taken and like balls were we gonna miss out on that one.)

hopefully by the time you're reading this, the whole site'll be up and running - by which point you'll be able to watch videos of us, download/listen to our music, scroll through galleries and look at our merch etc. 
at the time of writing, there's a lot of code everywhere and it's all a bit of a black and white, untoward assemblage of random embeds and pictures and text, but all going to plan this'll be super in the end. i'm actually, whilst writing this, currently trying to rig up a link between our instagram and this site, which has been an interesting endeavour in itself. 

anyway. hopefully this'll work out how it's meant to, 'things always do', as they said in The Walking Dead last week.

mikey & the rest of nv<3 xox