Nine Volt Heart

Most bands give the listener an experience of a local scene, of what’s most popular in a certain area. Nine Volt Heart are outside of this, they are not part of a scene, they are not part of a like-minded community. The four-piece invite the listener to the world of The Miracle Kids, the story of a post-apocalyptic world made musical that Mentioned Reviews says ‘feels not simply written, but composed.’ 

Formed in Bradford, West Yorkshire in 2011, the band released their EP What We Came For (2012), immediately battering down the door of diversity and showing the world what they could do. The four track EP received very positive reviews - ShowMeSomethingDifferent called it a ‘moshpit frenzy’ and says of the diverse nature of the EP: ‘raises questions about what kind of music it is’. They self released their full-length debut The Miracle Kids (2014), to the tune of reviewers like DIYBandReviews, who said they felt ‘inclined to start a one man circle pit in their living room’. 

Set in a post apocalyptic future, after some unnamed nuclear war, the concept album ‘The Miracle Kids’ was released in April 2014. ‘Spark’ introduces the listener to a desolate world, filled with desires for fresh starts but stained with the sadness and grief of great loss. The album takes the listener through an entire story set in this world from a youthful viewpoint; dealing with love, loss, grief, running away and a black ’67 Chevy Impala. 

With phenomenally positive reviews backing it up to its release, alongside featuring on BBC Introducing, the album release gig at the now defunct Cockpit in Leeds was packed out and lively. The band have since been writing and recording for a new release, and have overcome great logistical obstacles to keep themselves together and making music. 

Nine Volt Heart are Mikey Lord (vocals), Ed Truby (bass), Harry Loker (guitar) and an as yet un-announced skinsman. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open to catch news and new music from Nine Volt Heart, who will be coming back to the world of live music very soon. They will be dropping a new collection of music - be it an EP or something longer is unsure - but what we do know is that they will drop it, and it will hit like a nuclear bomb.